The Napa Redwoods Schoolhouse

A former stone schoolhouse: 1913 – 1932 I recently got the chance to look inside of the old stone Napa Redwoods schoolhouse on Redwood Road, past Hess Winery. Mary Montella, with her husband Jeff Newman, has owned the home built from the core of the school for almost 30 years now. She herself has done…

A Visit to Castle Rock Vineyards

As we leave the line of houses on Redwood Road behind and round a curve he has regularly passed for over 100 years now, Bob Streich Sr. says dryly, “This all looks vaguely familiar.” Streich was born in 1906 in a farmhouse near the end of Redwood Road, on a hillside vineyard called Castle Rock….

Welcome to the Napa Redwoods

Learn about the history of the people and history of this area of Napa County located on Redwood Road between Mt. Veeder Road and the end of Redwood Road.