Current Events: In the Hills After the Fire

Photo at top or at left: a fern sprouts from its roots in the middle of once was a manzanita thicket near Maggie’s Peak.

More Nunn Fire Images:

Here is a few images and a couple videos from Maggie’s Peak in the Archer Taylor Preserve on the Napa-Sonoma County line.


The next four photos form a panorama moving left to right.  #1: This is a photo of the south side of Maggie’s Peak, looking toward the town of Sonoma. This area burned in the Cavedale Fire in 1996 and was just getting reestablished when the Nunn Fire came through and re-burned it. This is on the backside of the ridge from our house and the small trees caused the fire to move quickly past our house as it chewed up all the easy stuff, and then it came back and down through the forest to our area after we got out.
#2: This photo looks toward Sonoma Mountain and Glen Ellen.
#3: Looking up-ridge from Maggie’s Peak to Bismark’s Knob. You can see how young all the trees were that got burned in this direction. The left side of the peak is Sonoma County; the right side is Napa County.
#4: Over into Napa County: From Maggie’s Peak toward Devil’s Well waterfalls and the headwaters of Redwood Creek . This canyon tops out at Cavedale Road.


“Before” Video:

Here’s a video a friend of mine took from the top of Maggie’s Peak last February.

“After” Video:

Here’s a video I took soon after the fire from the top of Maggie’s Peak.


You can get a better sense of this in the video below, but this image shows how all the roots from this madrone tree burned away from the stump, leaving a lot of little tunnels about three feet long.

Root Tunnel Video

The baseball cap is to provide scale.

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