Current Events: The Nunn Fire arrives

Photo above or at left is of what turned out to be the early stages of the Nunn Fire. Every bit of land and vegetation visible in this photo is now burned.

Here are four short videos that show what we saw when the Nunn Fire arrived at our house around 1 p.m. on October 10. While we were alert for fire, we did not know this was coming. I had been up on the ridge the day before but nothing (of the five fires I could see) was threatening at that point. One of them, however, shown at the top, turned out to be the Nunn Fire. When it arrived unannounced 18 hours later, we left in about 20 minutes. Our two cats were sitting quietly by the car, waiting for us to put them in their carriers. They could hear the distant roar and knew it was time to get out.

1.  This was taken about 20 minutes after we first saw approaching smoke over the ridge.


2. This was taken from the driveway below our house, on the way out, thinking this might be the last time we see our home.


3. This was taken as we drove back to get some vehicles after the main fire went past. The redwood barn next to the driveway later burned. The open area with the flames is the “cherry orchard” referred to in the #4 video below.


4. This last one was taken about ten minutes after #3 from the Castlerock Vineyards of the Yates family, looking back at the ridge. I point out where the cherry orchard is. The fire did come down the ridge front to our homes later; fortunately there was a fire crew with water waiting. The vineyard in the foreground survived (and was picked a few days later).

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  1. Elley Leonard says:

    did not receive pictures…can you resend? Also could not enlarge photo above.

    Thank you for sending; so glad you and cats survived!!


    1. Robin Lewis says:

      Elley– First off, thanks for subscribing. You can get a much better look at the post if you click on the headline for the post, in this case “The Nunn Fire Arrives” in blue at the top. I usually put a short note at the start to let people know this, as the email form is so ugly. Also, at this point you cannot enlarge the photos in the post. I am getting a Flickr page together and will link those to that from now on. Last question, just for my info, are you viewing on a phone, pad or computer? Thank you, Robin


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